ColCapital is the Colombian Private Equity Association. It currently has 132 members, of which 57 are general partners and 75 are service providers in the industry


Fostering, developing and promoting in an integral way the Private Equity Industry in Colombia, as an engine of collective savings and economic growth, under the highest standards of management.


Be the main transforming agent, facilitator and articulator of the Private Equity Industry in Colombia through the common representation of its members and the consideration of the interests of all the players in the industry, and the promotion of the highest standards of management and government.


  1. Foster and develop in an integral way the Private Capital Funds industry in Colombia, as well as the participation of the local and international investment community in them.
  2. Act as a trade association to represent the interests of the Private Equity Fund sector in Colombia.
  3. Organize the exchange of ideas and information among its members, as well as provide a discussion forum for members on issues relevant to the sector.
  4. Disseminate and promote the sector to other actors in the economy, such as the business community, the government, the financial ecosystem and universities.
  5. Support the professional and educational development of the sector.
  6. Produce and disseminate information and statistics of the sector.


The Private Capital Funds industry has its origin in Colombia in 2005 with the first legal standard for the industry and the creation of the first two private equity funds.

Since 2006, different actors have supported the development of the industry, such as professional managers, management companies, investors, the Stock Exchange of Colombia, Bancoldex, FOMIN, government entities such as the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, the Financial Superintendency, among others. Finally, ColCapital was created in June 2012, thanks to the support and subscription of the founding members.