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Online program: Private Equity Funds Certification

ColCapital and EAFIT University invite you to participate in the fourth version of the Private Equity Funds program. This will allow you to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the industry as an investment alternative and intelligent financing mechanism for projects and companies that require resources for their growth.

From july 14 to september 10 of 2021

Virtual Course

Duration: 72 hours

Investment value: $3,700,000 COP


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The program has a selection process prior to the acceptance of your registration. Once you complete the pre-enrollment form we will contact you.

Deadline pre-enrollment:   june 25 of 2021

More information:

Deissy Diaz – – (+57) 315 415 4231


This program seeks to provide participants with an integral vision of the private equity fund industry, as well as the details of this instrument as an investment alternative and intelligent financing mechanism for projects and companies that require resources for their growth or expansion. This certification covers topics ranging from the generalities and legal and tax structure of the vehicle, the operation and management from the administrator company, the view of the general partner that integrates processes of raising capital, pipeline generation, to the model of value generation and exit processes. Likewise, participants will be able to understand the elements analyzed by an investor in the processes of due diligence, monitoring and follow-up of this type of investments. Finally, professional ethics standards, best practices, as well as success stories of the private equity industry in Colombia will be presented.


To enhance the knowledge of the different actors in the private equity industry in Colombia, seeking to promote best practices and raise management standards.


General partners, investors, administrator companies, entrepreneurs, service providers, among others.

Main Goal of the Course

To have an articulated understanding of private equity funds as a financing option for Colombian companies, as well as an investment option for different types of investors in the market.


The methodology of this program is divided into 30% theory with teachers and experts in the subject and 70% through applied cases.

  • Development of concepts associated with industry practices.
  • Resolution of applied workshops.
  • Analysis of case studies.
  • Generation of discussions and debates in class.
  • Comprehension of academic based readings outside the classroom.


  • The private equity industry in Colombia.
  • The investment process and portfolio management in private equity funds.
  • Administrator company and exchange aspects of private equity funds.
  • Management of a private equity fund.
  • Diversification criteria.
  • Value generation.
  • Generalities, legal, regulatory, contractual and tax structure of the industry.
  • Exit processes.
  • Ethics and professional standards.
  • Private Equity Funds from the investor’s point of view.
  • Venture capital and impact.
  • ESG factors for private equity funds.